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Triangle K Ranch began in 1904. It wasn't called that back then, but we Krock's have been here ever since. From mules to tractors, we have been raising quality farm products for over 100 years. We are part of the "localvore" farm movement (encourages consumers to buy from farmers' markets or even to grow or pick their own food, arguing that fresh, local products are more nutritious and taste better.) Our goal is to produce the highest quality fruits, vegetables, baked goods and meat for our customers.

We are downsizing for the winter.
Available for immediate pick up:

4 ready to butcher Large Blacks - $500 each

1 Registered Large Black gilt who has been exposed to a boar $500

2 Registered Large Black boars (born in May) $200 each

18 feeder pigs $50 each. (born in May or July)

Our animals are raised in a humane and sustainable manner. Free range chickens produce healthier and tastier eggs. We have a variety of heritage breed chickens producing a wide array of brown and olive eggs. Our sounder of heritage breed Large Black hogs will be "making the bacon" like hogs should. They roam freely in the pasture. Maximus Pig will also go for walks with Handsome Husband and the dogs.

We began planting a small orchard about 4 to 5 years ago. We have a fondness for apples!
There are several varieties of apples from Granny Smith to Arkansas Black (our favorite).
We also have a few plum trees, apricots, nectarines, cherry, peaches and
even two almond trees.

We believe that the apricot trees were damaged too severely by the onslaught of wild rabbit last winter to survive. We have decided to not replace them with the same, but to plant sweet cherry trees.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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