Life as we know it

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Life as we know it

Triangle K Ranch
Published by Pig Lady in Our Lives · Wednesday 29 Jun 2022
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Life as we know it is changing. Life changes every day, but lately it seems like life is quickly becoming unrecognisable. Between gas prices, Covid, inflation, protests and food prices, the amount of bad mojo bombarding our daily lives is devastating to the psyche. As a farmer/rancher, we are isolated from much of the negative vibes being thrown about. We can shut off the TV, not go anywhere and choose to wrap ourselves in our little haven cocoon. What we cannot ignore is the rising costs of animal feed, people feed, gas and diesel. Our lives run on these things. We cannot use our tractors in the field without fuel. We cannot harvest without those tractors. I am thankful that our farm is mainly animals. I cannot imagine having to fill those gigantic tractors and combines.

How do we combat these rising prices? We choose to go to local Farmers' Markets. Our pork, beef, chicken, eggs and veggies do not require us to leave the farm. Our customers come to us. In order to highlight our farm we began last year to make soap and lotion bars using raw products that we raise. I am now making soap on nearly a daily basis. Our lard soap, The Pig Lady's Suds, is a great way to utilise the lard from our pigs. We have been purchasing goat's milk from a local goat dairy, HOANBU Dairy Goats, to use in our goat's milk soap. Our lotion bars are either made with coconut oil or lard and wax from our bees. Lately I am purchasing raw beeswax from a local apiary, Skidmore Apiaries. They are fantastic people and we are usually set up next to them at the markets. I have started baking again. Diversity is the name of the game. People may be drawn in by one product and leave with another item entirely.

I have missed interacting with the customers at markets. It has been many years since we have set up and being back has made a difference to our psyche. The people we meet at the markets are there to see us. Some come just to visit. This is wonderful. Meeting new people and introducing them to our way of life is cathartic to our souls. I feel such a sense of joy when a customer says that they thought of us all week.

The other vendors are just as important! Without them, there would be no market. I recently had such a wonderful conversation with someone who sells the same type of product as I do. We do things differently but fundamentally the same. I believe it only benefits both parties. A little healthy competition. :) What I do is just a little different than the other soap vendor and that is a beautiful thing. I would never downplay their product because I sell something similar. That is just not my way. I am excited to see and learn from my competitors. We benefit each other. This particular vendor offers some products I do not. I will suggest my customers visit for those items. If they purchase their weekly bar of soap from her, that is quite alright. There are plenty of people around to purchase from both of us. As a vendor, I like to purchase from the other vendors. We are a community that uplifts one another. We are all trying to survive.

How are you surviving? Tell us your stories, trials and tribulations. Let us uplift one another!

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